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Top Costume Houses in Atlanta

Need wardrobe in Atlanta? We’ve listed the top costume houses in the ATL in our Directory of Production Services.

Whether you need mascot outfits or period apparel, we’ve compiled a list of our go-to resources when it comes to wardrobe in Atlanta.  See our Atlanta Costume Directory here.

However, if you’re filming sports scenes, Sports Studio can help. Located in Los Angeles, we’re the entertainment industry’s leading sports wardrobe provider. With 40 years in the business and licensed relationships with the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and USSF, we put authentic uniforms on camera. With our international shipping capabilities, we can easily send anything you need down South or anywhere around the world for that matter.

For more information on our sports wardrobe rentals,  please feel free to reach us at (310) 559-3999 or by email at