Tosh.0 Boxing Robe and Shorts

We have made custom wardrobe for Daniel Tosh’s hit show on Comedy Central before, and it never ceases to amaze us how it ends up in Tosh.0.

This time, Tosh needed a boxing outfit. But not just any boxing outfit, he needed a custom sewn silver and blue boxing robe and matching shorts. Apparently, there was to be some boxing in one of his new bits that they were taping.

Then on Tuesday night in the first episode of the season Tosh has titled “The Summer of Exposed Arms,” we saw our boxing outfit in action.

It looked a little different though, very different. The Tosh team had affixed what appeared to be hundreds of mini rhinestones all over the robe to match his blinging gloves.

Then came our biggest surprise yet, he was wearing the outfit for the sole purpose of getting knocked out by Manny Pacquiao, the best pound for pound boxer on the planet.

We laughed hysterically.

We will say this, our shorts never looked so funny getting knocked down.

So no matter how big or how small of a role our work plays, Sports Studio is ready to answer any Hollywood Sports Call.