“Triple Zero” | Dannon Oikos

Cam Newton is everywhere nowadays. With Beats by Dre, Gatorade, Under Armour, and GMC all under lock, it’s not surprising Dannon would look to him as their new advertising model for their line of Greek yogurt. He even replaced Uncle Jesse (oops I mean John Stamos, an actual celebrity with Greek heritage) as the new face of Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt. Cam’s a rising star, relatable, and has a great sense of humor—an eligible spokesperson, so to speak.

In this particular spot from Young & Rubicam, Octagon had us supply Cam Newton with his Carolina Panthers uniform, while Station Films had us outfit the marching band and cheerleaders with their royal blue uniforms.

If Triple Zero is good enough for Cam, I’d imagine it’s good enough for us as well.