Triple Zero, Triple Cam | Oikos

2015 was the year of Cam Newton. From billboards to games, commercials to dabbing, Cam has been everywhere. In the first 15 weeks of the 2015-2016 NFL season, he led the Carolina Panthers on a 14-0 streak.

Even more impressive yet, was his ability to seemingly appear in three places at once… in the same room… wearing three different outfits.

As the NFL's entertainment licensee and Hollywood's football HQ, Sports Studio provided Octagon and Cam Newton with his head to toe Carolina Panthers uniform rental, the football helmet rentals, the football jerseys, and the athletic film props.

In the latest commercial from Oikos, Cam Newton is seen hanging out with himself and himself, promoting Oikos’ Triple Zero yogurt. We worked with Octagon to provide the framed Cam Newton jerseys on the wall, the football helmets in the background, the Carolina Panthers flag beside the TV, and one of the Cam Newtons with his head-to-toe Panthers football uniform. With years of experience as the entertainment licensee of the NFL, we understand the importance of ensuring licensed brands are appropriately represented on each player.

There’s a reason that we’re considered Hollywood’s football HQ. As the number one provider of sports production services, we ensure the highest quality football event apparel. No matter what you need — wardrobe, props, casting, or choreography — we help make game changing films come to life.

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