#TrueBelievers | Damian Lillard | Spalding

Damian Lillard grew up in Oakland, California. As a teen, he spent hours playing basketball at the gym and park. Although he was averaging over 22 points at Oakland High School, he only received a 2-star rating from college basketball recruiters. He ended up getting picked up by Weber State, a lesser known Division I college. By his senior year, Lillard became the top point guard prospect in the country and then the 6th overall draft pick in the 2012 NBA draft.

With most people doubting him throughout his life, Lillard adopted an underdog mentality. It serves as the foundation for his work ethic that led to his meteoric rise in the NBA. 

Lillard is one of the faces of Spalding’s #TrueBelievers campaign. Spalding is targeting all the millennial athletes and fans out there and encouraging inner confidence. They have even set up a nickname generator with the intention that assigning personal nicknames to individuals will yield confidence and help them believe in themselves.

In addition, by answering a few questions and earning a personal nickname from Spalding, you have a chance to go the the NBA Finals. Which is pretty awesome.

Sportsrobe worked directly with Kenyatta Bynoe, Spalding’s Senior Director of Marketing, to provide all the NBA gear in their series of #TrueBelievers ads. This includes NBA jerseys, shooting shirts, compression, and socks. 

Provided Portland NBA shooting shirt for Damian Lilllard Provided NBA uniform for Damian Lillard

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