#TrueBelievers | DeMar DeRozan | Spalding

DeMar DeRozan grew up in Compton, a city made famous throughout the country by musicians like NWA, The Game, and Kendrick Lamar, and equally as infamous for its history of gang violence. Given Compton’s rate of crime, DeMar’s parents always made sure he was safe — even if it meant watching him from their car as he shot hoops outside with his friends.

As an ambitious high school freshman at Compton HS, DeMar told his coach, “Let’s put Compton back on the map.”

And he did.

DeMar averaged 26 points as a high school freshman.


DeMar went on to play basketball at USC and became the 9th overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft. With his hard earned success, DeMar bought a house for his parents to move them out of Compton. As someone who overcame the many obstacles thrown at him, DeMar stands out as a great example of someone who believed in himself in the face of adversity .

And in 2016, Spalding chose DeMar to be another face for their #TrueBelievers campaign, inspiring others to not give up and find inner confidence.

Sportsrobe worked with Kenyatta Bynoe, Spalding’s Senior Director of Marketing, to provide all of the NBA gear seen in the #TrueBelievers ads. 

Sportsrobe provided nba jersey for DeMar DeRozan

Provided NBA gear for Spalding ad

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