Verizon Wireless NFL Commercial: Behind the Scenes with Drew Brees, Mark Sanchez and Clay Matthews

If you’ve watched the NFL this season, then you have seen the new Verizon Wireless ads filled with several of football’s brightest stars.

And if you’ve watched the NFL in HD this season, then you have seen Sport Studio’s sparkling jerseys in these Verizon ads.

But if for some reason you haven’t seen these Verizon ads, whether you don’t have a TV, recently got back from the moon, came out from under a rock or just lost your TV remote, it’s OK. We’ve got you covered.

Here’s all three Verizon ads with some of the league’s best:
Clay Matthew’s goes Beast Mode on the New York Jets.

Drew Brees gets everyone pumped, including a not-so-lucky parking attendant.

Mark Sanchez goes deep. Really deep.

The commercial is promoting Verizon’s NFL mobile app, so that you never miss a second of action no matter where you are and as users of the app, let us tell you, it is awesome.

Despite the different stadiums that appear in the commercial, here’s a Hollywood secret for you: all of the football scenes were shot in Pasadena, California at the historic Rose Bowl.

“How do we know that?” you ask. Good question.

Here’s how we know- On occasion, commercials hire our wardrobe manager Gus Noguera, the best in the business when it comes to wardrobing athletes in the entertainment industry, to act as an on-set wardrobe consultant.

Because of the immense amount of jerseys for the Verizon job– four full teams– they hired Gus to come on set and work with the athletes and actors to make sure everything looked just right.

We cannot take credit for casting Mark Sanchez, John Connor, Dustin Keller, Mason Crosby, Clay Matthews, Andre Johnson, Drew Brees, J.J. Watt, and DeMeco Ryan, but we can say that the rest of the football players, referees and body doubles for the stars were picked from

If you’re an actor in Hollywood and don’t have a free profile on, you are missing out on your chance to play football with the pros in front of millions of people every week.

When Gus wasn’t wrapping wrists and adjusting helmets, he was able to snap some amazing behind the scenes pictures that you won’t see anywhere else.

So whether you need officially licensed NFL uniforms, athletes for casting, sports coordination or on-set wardrobe consulting, Sports Studio is your one-stop shop for all things Hollywood sports.