VISA Signature Strength Training with Patrick Willis

Patrick Willis, a 6’1’’ 240 pound beast of a human, who destroys NFL offenses on Sundays– not someone you’d want to offend.

Someone should probably tell Todd.

Todd is the guy, who made the unfortunate mistake of choosing a luxury car service over strength training with Patrick Willis. Not a good decision Todd, not a good decision.

Let us remind Todd that Willis happened to record 22 repetitions of the 225-lb bench press at the 2007 NFL draft combine. And he’s only become stronger and scarier, Todd, much scarier.

Patrick was so displeased with his decision, he showed up on Todd’s doorstep to let him know that when he chose his Visa Signature Upgraded Experience, he chose poorly. Very poorly.

So if you have the opportunity, make sure to weigh ALL of your options when choosing a Visa Signature Upgraded Experience, because you never know who might show up on your doorstep.


For the shoot, Sports Studio provided several licensed garments for the unhappy San Francisco 49ers linebacker.