Warehouse Gem- ’96 Olympic Track Singlet

Last Friday, a stylist was pulling wardrobe in our warehouse for an upcoming Olympics job. She was pulling wrestling singlets and when it was time to be written up, she had this in her hands.

Holy Michael Johnson, where did she find a ’96 US Olympic Track singlet? We were blown away.

“You got that from here?” We asked.

Yup, she did. We were stunned. This singlet from the Atlanta games somehow ended up in our warehouse and we had no clue it was there. But when you have a warehouse that looks like this-

-we are constantly finding garments that surprise us.

Even 16 years later, the polyester-lycra suit isn’t obsolete, just a bit heavier than the performance fabrics of today’s track warmups. And because of his performance in this suit in ’96, we will always associate this look with the legendary Michael Johnson, his gold shoes and this performance-

Here’s another picture of our warehouse suit.

Stay up tuned this Olympics for dozens of commercials with Sports Studio athletic garments, including one with the best basketball player on the planet.