We Care About Our Clients and Their Safety

Our customers always come first, so that is why we chose to go with Clear Gear Sports Spray to make sure our sports equipment is properly disinfected and cleaned before being rented out to any of our customers.

Skin infections like MRSA, Staph, and Strep are all types of infections that can be spread in athletic facilities and through sharing athletic gear. These are all preventable if you take the right precautions like washing your hands, showering, and not sharing personal items. We want to do the best we can by taking the proper precautions too.  

Clear Gear Sports Spray is a non-acidic, water based disinfectant cleaner that is both non-corrosive and safe on the skin. All we have to do is spray our helmets, shoulder pads, knee pads, thigh pads, etc. and let the solution dry. In just one easy step we will have killed any harmful bacteria on our equipment.

We care about our clients and their safety, so we will do what we can to provide excellent service throughout the entire process from taking the initial order to protecting the athletes and actors using our equipment on set.


Sports Studio linked up with Clear Gear Sports Spray to properly sanitize our equipment

We properly clean and disinfect our equipment