What Do “New Girl” and “Friends” Have In Common?

We love “New Girl.” From Schmidt’s descriptive yet awkward metaphors, to the awkward interactions between Jess and Nick, Jess and Winston, Jess and Schmidt, Jess and…well you get the point. We love the awkwardness.

But somewhere in the fray of awkward, we lose sight of some of the nuances — namely, the clothing.

The clear distinction in each of the roommates’ fashion sense represents a fundamental difference in their personalities, but none stand out more than our heroine, Jessica Day.

Jessica Day’s fashion choices set the trend for many young women nowadays; you can even find and purchase what she wears in the show on You can’t help but draw a parallel between Jessica Day and Rachel Green of “Friends” fame. Rachel’s fashion selections were all the rage back in “Friends’” heyday. It’s no coincidence that both these fashionistas were graced with the same costume designer, Debra McGuire.

Debra McGuire’s aptitude for couture and costume design is arguably unparalleled when it comes to sitcoms.  It’s not surprising to find out then that she employed the use of Sports Studio apparel in a recent episode (Season 3 Episode 19 “Fired Up”). We provided Coach’s “Coach coach” jacket.

No big deal, we know.

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