What is a Stylist?

You might be asking yourself, “What is a stylist?” Some people think it’s someone who’s up to date on fashion, and has a lot of style. After Sports Studio’s 40+ years in the industry we know first hand that it’s much more than that.

A stylist can be called numerous things, the most common names for them are a wardrobe stylist, or a fashion stylist.

The role of a stylist is a very important one. It’s their job to select the clothing for the talent in the production, whether its in a print advertisement, or commercial. On other productions such as a TV show, or a feature film, the role of a stylist usually belongs to someone who is in charge of making wardrobe decisions, which can be a costume designer, or a costumer. Stylists need to be able to make decisions on color, material, fit, and size on the fly. Their job can be very stressful and hectic as producers and directors move in a different directions, the stylist is expected to adjust as well. This often overlooked aspect is crucial to the authenticity of every production.

Some clients, including celebrities, athletes, and entertainers, require additional styling services such as ┬ápersonal shopping, restructuring a client’s entire wardrobe, or other tasks relating to the client’s personal lifestyle.

At Sports Studio, we work with both stylists, costumers and celebrity stylists to help them fulfill their sports, and non sports needs. If you’re interested in product placement or celebrity seeding for your client, Sports Studio can help with both production and non production needs.

Check out one of our friends Cindy Whitehead who styles for hundreds of sports productions a year.