What Is Our Summer On Set Sale? | Sports Studio

Here at Sports Studio, summer is one of the busiest times of year for us. We understand how hectic the production process can be on the latest football commercial, FIFA promo, or baseball ad we want to help. That’s why we’re hosting our Summer On Set sale.

What is the Summer On Set sale?


From June to September, we send our On Set Sport-Techs to your production at a discounted rate.

What is an On Set Sport-Tech?

Sports Studio hosted fittings, worked on set, and provided head-to-toe football uniforms for this Avanir PSA.
To put it simply, an On Set Sport-Tech is a sports wardrobe expert. Our On Set Sport-Techs work with stylists, producers, and athletes on set to expedite the fitting process while ensuring that the sport is accurately represented on screen. In some cases, this can mean double-checking that each athlete is wearing their appropriately licensed brand. In other cases, it can mean making sure that an athlete is dressed and accessorized appropriately for the era of sport enacted.

Is this a new service?

Sports Coordination

Nope! We’ve been sending our On Set Sport-Techs to sets for about 12 years now. The feedback has always been so positive that we decided a summer sale was the best way to show our appreciation for our customers.

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