What is the LA Football Team?

The Clippers, The Lakers, The Angels, The Dodgers, and The Kings. Five great sports teams based in the city of Angels. Have your pick of coaches, superstar players, and fan gear, LA has it all. But if you’re like us you might notice something is off, something is missing.

What is it? Simple.


So what is the LA Football Team?

There have been a few football teams that have called Los Angeles home. In 1946, the Cleveland Rams became the first National Football League team to locate to Los Angeles.

In 1960, the Los Angeles Chargers thought they found a home, but decided to pull a LeBron, and take their talents down to a south beach. The Oakland Raiders moved to Los Angeles in 1982, only to return to Oakland after the 1994 season, thus leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of LA sports fans.

So isn’t it about time we…


Adding another team to the already crowded 32 team roster may prove difficult. So perhaps a team will relocate to the beautiful shores of SoCal. Investors, such as Philip Anschutz of AEG, want a team in LA, but will fate and fortune allow it to happen? Only time will tell.