What Would You Do? | Bryce Harper | Gatorade

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you had a chance to play baseball with the Washington Nationals’ Bryce Harper?

Well thanks to the people at TBWA Chiat Day, Caviar Content, and Gatorade, our good friend Cory has. In this extension of the “Sweat with the Best” campaign, Cory’s planned out the whole scenario of how he would take on Bryce Harper.

We worked with stylist Naty Parodi and the MLB to provide all the MLB uniforms seen in the video above for “What Would You Do,” featuring Bryce Harper. Since it was a dream sequence, the MLB gave us permission to create a custom #100 New York Mets jersey for Cory.

See our work in the stills below. If you happen to be working on a commercial this summer, check out our Summer On Set Sale.

What Would You Do Bryce Harper Gatorade 2

Bryce Harper in Full MLB Uniform Rental for Gatorade Commercial, with New York Mets Catcher uniform and Umpire Uniform behind him.

Full New York Mets MLB Uniform rental Gatorade Commercial

Full New York Mets MLB Uniform rental