What Would You Do? | Dwayne Wade | Gatorade

We recently worked with TBWA Chiat Day on Gatorade’s huge new campaign, “Sweat With The Best.” It’s a contest that allows people to enter codes from under the caps of Gatorade bottles for a chance to win athletic experiences with superstar athletes like Serena Williams, Bryce Harper, or teams like the Miami Heat.

For this contest, Gatorade created a series of standalone mini-videos titled “What Would You Do?” featuring a professional athlete — in this video, it’s Dwayne Wade.

We worked with the NBA to source the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers jerseys. We even received special approval to make a custom #100 Lakers jersey for the dream sequence in this video. Custom Lakers Jersey for Gatorade Commercial.

It was a fun, creative touch and we think the final product turned out great. Take a look at our work in the stills below.

Custom NBA Lakers Uniform Rental

Custom NBA Uniform Rental and Dwayne Wade

Gatorade commercial and actor in full Lakers Jersey dunking

Gatorade Commercial for "Sweat With The Best" featuring Dwayne Wade