Where Can I Find Sports Props? | Sports Studio

Did you know that the term for movie props and film props originated from the phrase “theatrical property?” It’s commonly defined as any object that can be moved around a set, distinct from wardrobe, camera/electrical equipment, and the talent.

In relation to sports productions, examples of sports props would be items such as…

football helmets and football pads,


pom-poms and megaphones,

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foam fingers and ref whistles,

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Old Navy

catcher’s masks and baseball bats,

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soccer balls and basketballs,

NW Mutual 4

Omar Bravo Pepsi Commercial 6

lacrosse goggles and rackets,

DSG - Lacrosse

Woodrow Warrior Lacrosse Racket Rental

or even hockey sticks and hockey gloves.


So where can you find aforementioned football prop rentals, baseball props, basketball props, soccer props, and hockey props in Hollywood?

Answer: Sports Studio, located 15 minutes south of LAX. We’re Hollywood’s trusted source for everything a sports scene could ever need — wardrobe, props, casting, choreography, fittings, and on set services.

In tandem with our sports wardrobe offerings, sports props rentals are one of our core services here at Sports Studio. You can find our sports being used in NFL commercials, MLB commercials, NBA commercials, MLS commercials, for big brands like Gatorade, Nike, and Verizon, for TV shows like Bella and the Bulldogs, and for movies like Draft Day and Trainwreck.

Looking to rent sports props, but you’re not located in LA? We ship to sets all over North America: Atlanta, Vancouver, Louisiana, New York, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, just to name a few.

Give us a call at (310) 559-3999 to request a quote for sports prop rentals, we’d love to help. (Don’t forget to ask about our Summer On Set Sale!)