Where Can I Rent Baseball Uniforms?

Where Can I Rent Baseball Uniforms?

Are you looking for baseball uniforms for your next production? Whether it’s a movie, TV show, commercial, or a print advertisement, no matter how big, or how small, Sports Studio can help.

Maybe you need a full team to act out an entire game, or just a few players to run a short scene with an umpire to bring it all together. We will insure that your spot looks, and feels authentic.

We can help with anything from casting, coordination, logo and uniform design, all the way to product placement.

Check out one of our most recent TV spots, for the product Axiron.
Sports Studio provided some umpire uniforms, equipment, and some generic baseball jerseys, and helmets.

The next time you’re going to shoot anything with sports, make sure you have the entertainment industries leading sports provider on your side.