Who makes the best sports uniforms? (review)

It’s hard to say, really. If the question were an easy one, then one brand would be outfitting all of the professional sports leagues and college teams in the country.

And yes, sponsorship money does play a role in what team wears what company, but it’s not the ultimate deciding factory.

Take this hypothetical for example, if one company’s uniform provided a clear advantage in construction, comfort, material and technology, then everyone would favor and try to move over to wear that company’s uniforms.

Actually, you don’t need a hypothetical, take the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Speedo’s LZR Racer suit had helped its athletes crush 38 world records leading up to the US Trials. In response, Nike, yes the biggest brand in all of sport, didn’t want it’s athletes to be at a competitive disadvantage, so they allowed their athletes to wear the (now outlawed) Speedo suit.

And it doesn’t have to be a league affiliated brand, Under Armour, who does not manufacture jerseys for any of the major leagues, but is gaining favor at the NCAA level, uses a lot of state of the art fabric and unique patterns for their uniforms and under gear.

But let’s for a second say, you’re not the NFL, the MLB, the NBA or the MLS and sponsors aren’t knocking on your door trying to hand you millions of dollars a year to wear their jerseys. What then?

Well, the good news is you’re not out of luck. There is plenty of parity in the uniform industry. One of the big brands rolls out a state of the art fabric and a year later everyone is making it available at a cheaper, more affordable price.

So when you buy your team uniforms, it’s all about the fabric. Look for buzz words like moisture management, moisture-wicking, climate control, cool fabric, performance fabric, stretch mesh, (branded term)-lite or something-lyte.

The point is, you can find quality sports uniforms from suppliers, team dealers and directly from brands, if you know what to look for. So pay attention to fabric and everything will be fine.

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