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Who Provides Uniforms for NFL Commercials?

You may not have spent a lot of time wondering who provides the wardrobe for official NFL commercials.

It’s okay, we forgive you.

For those of you that have wondered that, the answer is quite simple. It’s us, Sports Studio.

Sports Studio is the industry leader for putting licensed apparel on camera. Our understanding of the sports and entertainment world has forged licensed relationships with the top leagues such as the NFL.

And with the Super Bowl XLVIII coming up, we know your production company is working on new NFL licensed jobs. Come to us for uniforms, props, chain gang, refs, etc. We’ve got it all.

Sports Studio provided the official referee uniform in this NFL Game Rewind spot. Did you spot that head umpire officially licensed white hat?

Don’t settle for any replacements.

Contact us for your all of your NFL wardrobe and set dec needs.

Any team, any player, any day.