Nike Boom! Commercial Campaign

Back in July wardrobe preparation for the new Nike Boom! Commercial campaign started here at Sports Studio. The stylists came in and hit the ground running putting together the football uniforms (Lincoln vs. Mustangs) A Lincoln Football Helmet from the Nike Boom! Commercial Campaign , football referees, baseball uniforms (Yankees and Boston Red Sox), along with the equipment for the bone crunching hits that are shown in the commercials.

It is always exciting when stylists come into the office to start projects. Sometimes these projects are shot and shown a week later while others are shot and aired months later. When we are told a large commercial campaign is going to be shot with our equipment, wardrobe and custom abilities; especially one like Nike, it is hard to keep ourselves from talking about it. But when it finally airs and is a great commercial campaign like the Nike Boom! commercials we are proud to say we helped make it happen and keep the chatter going.

We were given hints of what players and celebrity names would be a part of the commercial but it is finally great to see the people themselves in action. The commercial has appearances from Tim Tebow, Ndamukong Suh, Bo Jackson, Nick Saban, Robinson Cano and even Rick Ross.  Everyone gives their little rendition of what Boom! is to them.

It seems Nike is trying to portray the excitement each sport brings in each “BOOM” it has to offer. Whether it be a thumping spike in volleyball, strong dunk in basketball, a monster hit in football, lacrosse, baseball or boxing, or just that Boom a nice piece of jewelry gives off; every sport and everything seems to have a little bit of Boom in it. Sports Studio is glad to have been a part of helping Nike put together a great campaign!

Bringing the BOOM! with Sports Studio!

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