Sports Studio at work with Xenith Helmets

We all know football is one of the most hard-hitting games out there. Watching full contact sports is fun. Watching people get hurt is not. Although a solid fall or stumble on the field once in a while can be a knee slapper. But seriously, head butts resulting in concussions are no laughing matter.

Xenith shares in this widespread concern for athlete safety through innovation and education. The company developed a helmet that helps reduce the risk of concussions. X1’s Fit Seeker® and X1’s Shock Bonnet® technology helps keep the helmet secure during impact and minimizes the risk of injury. Pretty spiffy right?

Sports Studio has worked on hundreds of football related commercials, television shows, and films. We want our actors to be just as protected as the professional guys on the field which is why we joined the Xenith trend. And they were happy to jump on the Sports Studio band wagon as well.

We placed the shock absorbing, concussion reducing, head pieces in a promotion for The Ellen Show and a few other projects set to debut this fall. We dressed Ellen’s writers in Sports Studio wardrobe, and made sure to include the Xenith helmets to cover those witty brains from any head trauma.

Keep your head in the game and watch for Xenith products in other Sports Studio projects. And while they provide you with new, innovative sports technology, we will continue to provide you with new and interesting sports content for your viewing pleasure.

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