Your Game Is Our Lab | Gatorade

All of the top sports and fitness brands have become tech-centric and data-driven. For some of these brands — Nike, Under Armour, Gatorade — they analyze and utilize their data from wearables and other fitness technology to help develop new and better products.

For Gatorade, this means opportunities to do more for athletes.

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Case in point: Gatorade has been working on smart bottles, using microchips and sensors to determine the optimal mix of electrolytes for each athlete’s needs.

As noted by Sport Techie, Gatorade pushed heavy into R&D for the smart bottle, developing tech for each of these parts:

The Cap – Each cap is labeled by the player and their number

The Cap Chip – Syncs with the player microchip, sending live analytics to the coach’s app

Turbine – Measures liquid exiting the spout

LED Lights – Compare actual consumption to consumption goals

Fuel Pod – A concentrated Gatorade formula based on the athlete’s needs

Fuel Pod Engine – Device that is used to break and disperse the fuel pod contents

And Gatorade wants this to emphasis on technology to be reflected in their advertising. They want you to know that your game, is their lab.

With the future of fitness investing heavily in personalization, brands like Gatorade, Nike, and Under Armour will have to focus on technology as a primary component to success.

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