Your Ticket Out | Stubhub

We all have those nights when we ask ourselves if we rather go out or just stay home. Although one may take more effort than the other, going out to a sports event, concert, or show will definitely be more memorable. Because years from now, you won’t remember the nights you spent at home watching Netflix.

Stubhub’s new ad targets these people and wants to give them a push in the more exciting direction.

“We want you to seize every amazing moment you can. Don’t be a bystander in your own life. Get your ticket out.”

In addition, they rebranded their logo and included the slogan “Your Ticket Out” right below their name. This is Stubhub’s first global marketing campaign and they hope their new colors and design will attract a larger audience.

We worked with Reset Content to provide the San Francisco Giants uniforms seen throughout this commercial.

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