Your Trader is Showing: Coach | TradeStation

TradeStation promotes their trading platform, trading software, and online financial brokerage services in their recent campaign called “Your Trader is Showing”. They released three ads all about everyday situations like ordering food at a restaurant or coaching a football team and transformed these non-trading situations into being about trading.

In “Your Trader is Showing: Coach”, the coach appears to be making a passionate speech to his team about their football game, but in reality is talking about his experience with using TradeStation’s services.

We worked with production company Gartner, to provide them with full football uniforms, wardrobe for the coaches, and casting for this commercial.

We don’t just specialize in wardrobe, but we can cast athletic actors and find a location to shoot your production as well.

Check out some of our work in these stills below.

We provided athletic actors for this tradestation commercial

We provided wardrobe for the coaches and team

We provided the football uniforms, coach's uniform, and casting for this spot

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