Zaxby’s with Clay Matthews

There are a few things about this commercial we don’t quite understand:

  1. Why this woman is slapping Clay Matthews’ butt
  2. Why she is slapping anyone’s butt while they’re eating
  3. Why she doesn’t check to see who’s butt she is slapping before slapping this aforementioned butt
  4. Why there is a mix-gendered football locker room

Maybe you can help us figure it out.

We will say that their food looks amazing, too bad we live in Southern California, where there aren’t any Zaxby’s. But the next time we’re in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, North or South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, or Virginia we will be sure to stop by and grab some chicken.

For this commercial, we provided football equipment an uniforms for the locker room surrounding Clay Matthews.

If you haven’t noticed, Matthews has been dominating the commercial scene. We have worked with him several times, including one of our most popular blog posts ever.