Zendaya: “Dig Down Deeper”

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood. Whether it’s in a movie, TV show, music video, or photo shoot, every aspect of each frame is carefully planned and contemplated. When the average viewer sees the final product, they rarely notice the couple holding hands in the background or the honking of car horns on a busy street.

The same can be said for computer animated films. One of the most important aspects of these films are the voices of every character. The viewer never sees these people, but their voices help bring the characters to life.

Up-and-coming 14 year old actress and singer Zendaya is one of the voices of the new Disney film “Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hollow Games”. In addition, she is the singer for the theme song of the film titled “Dig Down Deeper”.

The “Dig Down Deeper” music video goes along with the general theme of the movie showing a track star striving to win a meet for her team, Pine Ridge. Although she fails the first two times, the track star is eventually able overcome her struggles and carry her team to victory by completing the pole jump.

Sports Studio helped carry the music video to victory by providing the jerseys for the shoot. We ordered the tank tops and shorts and pressed on the team names. Take a look:

We also helped them out with the referee jersey for the shoot.

Here’s the full video below.